Team Vission thanks all the Gurus for their noble contribution to the society and warmly wishes them a Happy Teachers’ day.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”

If not for discipline, the ants would never have learnt to work hard and colonize. If not for the lesson of starvation, the tiger would have never learnt to be vigilant and agile. If not for the strictness of the mother bird, the baby bird would have never learnt to fly and be on its own. If not for the inspiration from the spider, Napoleon would not have learnt to rekindle the motivation in him. A teacher thus epitomizes Discipline, Strictness, Inspiration and preaches Lessons that ignite the fire in us.

If learning could be visualized as light, to mitigate the darkness of ignorance, surely a teacher is the flame, perennially ignited. Throughout the evolution of civilizations, the role of a teacher has been immense. The epics too highlight the grandeur of the profession. Guru Dronacharya was a very significant fragment of the Mahabharata. In the epic, he was a story in himself. With mighty skills in warfare and martial prowess, he trained the Pandavas and the Kauravas. As a Guru, he was strict and demanded precision in the skills from his pupils. Arjuna, with his devotion to his karma and his Guru, could honor himself as the favorite pupil of Dronacharya. Thus with his Guru’s lessons and under his training, we all know what an exemplary warrior he grew up to be. Even in modern times, this profession has been rendered resplendent by the contribution of great teachers.

We are indebted to our Gurus and there is nothing much that we, as learners could do, to fully repay the contributions and sacrifices made by them. But as a token of gratitude, Teachers’ day is celebrated in different countries with an intention to make the day special and for the commendation of the teachers for all that they do for the society. In India, 5th September is marked as Teachers’ Day, as an honor to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. A “Ratna” in the true sense of the word, he was a distinguished twentieth-century scholar of comparative religion and philosophy. He believed, “When we think we know, we cease to learn”. Such was the humility of this man, who believed that the teachers should be the best brains of the country. And with great luck, India has been fortunate enough to breed great mentors.


In the heart of every ideal teacher (in a small classroom of a primary school or in a big hall of a prestigious university), a story is imprisoned, waiting to be comprehended, one day by learners. A story seldom told. This teachers’ day, let’s try to understand the person standing before us in the class imparting the lessons that we sometimes learn and sometimes don’t want to.Teachers are harsh because they totally want to make sure that we learn what we must. Teachers assign us tough tasks because they want us to fail, then challenge ourselves and eventually get better. Teachers punish us because; they feel that we must learn and their mere advice on the same, are rendered useless by our mockery. Teachers, sometimes insist on taking an extra class, because they feel that there is a time span within which their pupils ought to know about a certain part of the syllabus, thoroughly. Teachers demand discipline because they know that the pain of regret is harsher than the pain of discipline. Teachers might have made mistakes in their lives which they don’t want us to make. Hence they do all that it takes to make us ideal learners. Even if their ways go against us, in the long run, we might reap the benefits of it. The much-needed respect for our mentors is decreasing drastically. Not only is this immoral, it is sabotaging the education system itself. If we try, we can be optimistic to perceive their audacity in a positive way because nothing can ever belittle the contributions of these great souls! We might consider them as cruel villains who keep piling assignments and imposing punishments. But in reality, they have always been the silent heroes of our lives.

“Behind every great person, was a mentor, who toiled equally hard, but in silence”.


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