The Greatest Tragedy is that we are a Parody


Please mock at us because, we are STUDENTS.

Here are our comforts, enjoyed by none else, in any other amusement park called college, where we students are proudly clowns.

  • Mt Everest Intake
    We are targeting to reach & breach a Ginish book of world records for largest intake of literate students who wish to pursue engineering at any cost.
    About your accommodation, food, sanitation, please refer to the link :
  • Backlog paper
    If you ever wanted to get some kick out of your life, appear for a backlog here. Hairs will grow grey, sandals will become chappals but for results contact the link :
  • Pseudo-Wayne parents
    It has become a habit of children of rich parents to opt for this institution. So a new lucrative business venture called “self financing” was established. Disowned CIA or RAW will lose by a fair margin in this battle of dis-ownership.
  • Helipad establishment
    A non existent student society has decided to invest in the construction of helipad near supposed grasslands & cattlefields where imaginary hostels exist. Seems using helicopters to come from home to campus & back to home is an IIN backed strategy.

By profoundly anonymous
( Anybody interested to know about me kindly visit our “virtually” located SAC ( Student Activity Center ). You might find me with no voice, no face, preparing for backlogs surviving on BPL ration cards.

7 thoughts on “The Greatest Tragedy is that we are a Parody

  1. Intake one was nice.. Still lot of points to find out.. The students themselves make fun of their own.. Apart frm studies or smthng productive , everything happens in VSSUT..

  2. should i message them to you or post em in the comments ?
    its a polite suggestion…comon take it easy…

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