Can I have some Water ?


“The most interesting question that is quite sensational @PULASTYA is ‘can I have some water?? ‘ , where it leaves both the speaker and spectator at daze and they continues to wonder how exactly are they supposed to deal with it.”

Water the basic need of day to day life, starting from the lazy morning to the tiring night; we need water as basic requirement. The “so called” fully functional new hostel of our varsity PULASTYA which accommodate 150 more student than it can has a serious portable water problem as well as water for other purposes. The problem has been persisted neither for days nor weeks, this is a continuing process.  From the very beginning students are craving for a bottle of pure drinking water. Strikes were done, bluffing assurance was made but all in vain, the authority never pays concerns about how the students are residing what source they are adopting for drinking and other purposes. Many students got admitted in hospital because of unhealthy source of water, but no one paid attention. “It’s very convenient for us to imagine our daily residence to be a hub of filth and disease really ironical!! “

Water problem is reaching its acme now a days when students are not getting water for their daily work not even for brushing their teeth before going to college. The temperature shows a positive curve and things are getting worse but the authority is simply showing a careless attitude. “It’s govt. college after all, you have to suffer or else leave the hostel if you have any problem.” Is it really a solution or lack of interest in solving issues of student? In this scorching summer not a single purified source for drinking purpose is available, the two aqua guards which were meant to serve 450 students are parched and at times supplying water of an obnoxious odor. But yes there is an alternative where they can take water from the hand pump meant for the workers!!! .

Still we are fighting, struggling for a better morning, rest the almighty is on. Bon voyage

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