Educational institutions are the best place for business now a days – may be this is the suitable tagline for our “so called” concerned authorities who are looking after us. again this is a sad and in a more way fearsome story from PULATSYA- the brand new hostel of our varsity , which is not only a place for students but also for those who can cause benefit to our authority. “Apiculture”- I guess our authority made a mindset of using Pulastya in a multipurpose residence by doing apiculture here!

There is not only a single honeycomb here but it has also a smaller version of it as a surprise packet for all ! Whenever this is issue is raised, the authority plugs their ears and vows never to unplug them. Many times, students become victims of honeybee’s attack.

They said it would cost 2500 to clean them, so it’s not possible to do it now and they would look into the case after the bees complete their honey filling process in their homes!!! What exactly they are planning for?? To sell honey!!!

Let’s see how the honey bees deal with the students and how the no of victims increase and what the concerned authority does, just hoping for the best.


  1. If the cost of cleaning is only Rs. 2500/- the residents of pulastya should collect money among themselves instead of begging infront of those authorities..

  2. The hostel development secretary is the best authority to deal with this. I hope the Vission articles are being seen by some of the faculty who can take such matters forward.

    1. In addition to posting in vision, it is required to directly write to concerned authority & follow up till the job is done.

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