11 Things every VSSUTIAN can relate to during IPL season

IPL fever has infected the whole nation and VSSUT is no exception!!! This is what we do almost every day at VSSUT:

  1. Going to the TV room 15 minutes before the match starts to get a seat!

“Still there’s a considerable amount of chance that one won’t find a vacant seat!!!”

  1. Holding back the urge to go to the toilet out of fear of missing out a Six or a wicket

“I lost 21 years of movie by going to the loo during interstellar! Won’t repeat the same mistake again!”

  1. But if the call of nature becomes unbearable then “Bhai! Seat rakhna mera! Toilet jaake aa raha hoon” But it’s gone when one returns!

“How can one ever ask a senior to get up??” :/

  1. Buckets act as drums when a boundary is hit!!!

“We always have musical instruments around! Even if we sometimes take them to the toilet”

  1. Even lab vivas don’t prevent full attendance at the TV room!

“Lab viva he kal? Match dekh lete hain pehle! After all Chennai ka match he!”

  1. The never ending war between CSK haters and CSK supporters!

“Because cric-wars are fought off the field too”

  1. Power cut during matches

“Firse power cut?! Cricbuzz pe score check kar! Jaldi”

“Abey! Phone me charge nai he!” :’(

  1. Scorecard that never loads thanks to lightning fast internet speeds in Burla

“Page load hua?”

“Naa yaar! Abhi bi loading…. Loading…. Loading…!!!” :’( :’(

  1. Betting on Indiabet

“IPL season without betting is totally unimaginable! After all who doesn’t want all the goodies one can get by betting on indiabet?”

  1. Endless discussions and scrutiny on a team’s and player’s performance

“Arey yaar dekha tune Gayle ne kal kya chakka maara!”

“Raina short ball ko sahi se khelna sikh jae toh bas use koi nahi rok sakta!”

And I wonder why do they even hire coaches when we have so many professional critics right here in burla?

  1. “Tera team harega” and then unsuccessfully trying to slip out when the opponent’s team wins!

“Kya bol raha tha re tu! KKR harega? Chehra dikha to thoda abhi apna!”  😀 😀

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