idiotLife’s battles don’t always go to the strongest or the fastest man. Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can –VINCE LOMBARDI

I don’t think I need to bore you with the gory details of India’s education system. 3 idiots showed us that all of ours fates are sealed- doctor or engineer? The age old question that has bugged generations. Parents advise us to study hard to get into a decent engineering college for our future. Needless to say the days I spent preparing for Entrance exams were a farce. I didn’t end up with the elite of India’s engineers. Basically after you fail to get into the elite your fate is sealed– A desk job at an IT company regardless of your stream, regardless of your passion for four years & regardless of your dreams. And why is that because we settle, because we do not demand and mostly because we don’t work for our dreams.

I think I speak for every one when I say that every one wants to be successful. The definitions of success may be different but every wants to succeed. What baffles me is most of us want to be successful but we are unwilling to work for it.

In VSSUT many of us have dreams of doing M.Tech, MS and MBA from reputed colleges. That’s great right so many of us are ambitious. What’s wrong then? The truth is though we are ambitious most of us don’t want to work for it. We want success to fed to us on a silver platter and if after years of failure you don’t recognize the need of hard work I simply pray for you.

I know its scary leaving the comfort of an IT job. Almost all of you friends will do it, its security and its ease are compelling to everyone. But think for a moment is a life full of regrets, a life full of thinking all those dreams you could have chased, all that you could have achieved worth this ease?

If yes, I honestly respect and understand your position. But if it’s a no, if it’s uncertain please don’t give up your hopes. Please don’t give up your dreams. I dream of doing a MBA from a reputed B-School. Most probably I will fail in that and end up somewhere worse, maybe I will fail but at least I won’t be filled with regrets of not following my dreams. I wont have that regret that I didn’t give my best. I will try my best for my dreams & try to make achieve them. And if I fail well then try again. I know you are anxious, scared & possibly clueless. Will I will let you in a secret most of us are. But if you wake up every day to a dream that you believe in, that you have passion for & to work for I believe you will be successful. I hope that at we at VSSUT recognize the need & importance for having our dreams and more importantly working on them.

When we were kids most of us dreamed of becoming presidents, leaders, astronauts and what not. So why not recognize that inner kid present in all of us & work for achieving it. Our deepest fear are not that we are inadequate its that we are powerful beyond measure. Channel this fear work with this and success will be yours.


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