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“Knowledge is not enough, we must apply

Willing is not enough, we must do”

This very concept is the basis of Gyaan Dhaara. Creating awareness among the students about the various career options and helping them identify their true career goals. The very idea of Gyaan Dhaara was conceptualized by the Training and Placements dept. along with the aid of many a willing faculty members and students. The committee comprises of students from all the branches, giving it an equitable distribution and helps come across the needs that each branch demands.

Having already come up with many a training workshops and sessions, this initiative, the first of its kind, has already started gaining momentum. Among the various objectives with which Gyaan Dhaara was set up, a few can be enlisted:

  • Guiding students in developing skills
  • Abridging the gap between the students and their recruiters
  • Organizing activities which projects the best interest of the student
  • Training and developing various skills be it communication, writing or presentation
  • Associating with various international associations like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), Institute of Electrical Engineers(IEEE), American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE)

Apart from the various objectives that Gyaan Dhaara seeks to fulfill, it also helps the students get a taste of the competitive world by conducting regular tests, speaking and career counseling sessions.

The major objective that  Gyaan Dhaara aims  is to develop the techno-managerial skills of an individual and enhance the very skills that would ensure one’s survival in the world outside the campus- Be it organizing group activities, learning new soft skills, taking up responsibilities or putting into work one’s technical knowledge. It helps the students get a taste of the competitive world by conducting regular tests ( based on the pattern of GRE, GMAT, GATE, CAT).


  • To establish the relevance and usage of various sophisticated technical softwares like CAD, AUTODESK solid modeling, ANSYS, ASPEN, CATIA.
  • To set up various departmental chapters and yo increase student participation by giving them knowledge of the subject and much needed exposure to various competitions.
  • To undertake various social challenges

The very goal of such an initiative is to groom the students in the present, so that they can deal with the future beyond.

To put it down in simple words, the aim that Gyaan Dhaara wishes to accomplish is to assist the students zero down a suitable career option for themselves. To help students sort out the future prospective that one is exposed to. As the name suggests, Gyaan Dhaara, helps direct the resources, the resources available with the students and channelize it in a way that would yield the best results for the students.


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