INNOVA 2K15 – A leap towards being DESIGNEER

20790_1068500583166200_2095991198491190434_nINNOVA-2K15 is the annual branch fest of Department of Mechanical Engineering that took place on 27th and 28th March, 2015 in the university premises. On 27th March, the inauguration ceremony took place in the Golden Jubilee Seminar hall in the presence of Chief Guest Prof.(Dr.) E. Saibaba Reddy(Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,VSSUT), Guest of Honor Shri Jayanta Kumar Panigrahi (Alumunus(ME,1988),Vice-President HINDALCO) , Prof.(Dr.)Pusparaj Dash (Head of the Department, Mechanical Engineering), Mr.Mihir Kumar Sutar (Faculty Advisor, Mechanical Engineering Society) ,all the faculty members and staff members of the department and students of various year and programs of study. Best wishes for the success of the fest and inspiration to make it much bigger over the years was what the golden words from the dignitaries on the dais spoke to the young crowd. In the post inaugural ceremony, a guest lecture was conducted by Shri Panigrahi about the detailed processes taking place at various workstations in HINDALCO and his interaction with the students made the atmosphere more cognitive. On 28th March, various technical events were conducted and over 200 students from various branches and years participated. There were in total 6 events with a prize money of Rs.20,000 INR:-

MECHANICAL QUEST- a technical treasure hunt event where each team had to decipher a set of riddles and reach the destination with the components they found alongwith the riddles and had to assemble them to make a working model of a mechanical system;

IDEATE- a paper presentation event where a team of maximum 3 members could participate and each team had to deliver a powerpoint presentation on themes like Reverse Engineering, Medical robots and Green Technology ;

TRUSS ’O’ MAKE- a team event where each team had to make a truss of a specified dimension out of pencils and clay to protect a delicate object from loads  dropped from a gradually increasing height in order to test the load bearing capacity of the truss;

IDEA PRESENTATION- a model and poster presentation competition where each team had to present their idea on specified themes in the form of posters and models;

SINK THE BOAT- a team event in which each team had to make a boat of specified dimension of any material and loads were applied on it till it sunk;

MECHANICAL QUIZ- a team event where each team had to answer a set of question based on basic mechanical phenomena and principles. Prof. Dash (HOD) and all the faculty members supervised the proceedings of all the events and shared their knowledge and ideas with the participants morphing the events into a learning experience for the students. Participation in huge numbers and hardwork of Mr.Sambit Brata Ratha, Secretary Mechanical Engineering Society and Mr.Santosh Mishra, assistant secretary Mechanical Engineering Society  and the coordinators made all the events successful. In the post lunch hour, the closing ceremony of the fest took place in the Seminar Hall where Faculty Advisor gave away the cash prizes and certificates to the winning teams in various events. With the pledge to make INNOVA-2K16 a national level event and raising the bars to higher levels over the years, INNOVA-2K15 was declared closed.

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