16 Things Every Girl in VSSUT Can Relate To

GIRLS-BOYS1. Hold it!
You can’t find a functional ladies toilet in the entire university building. So you better hold those toxins till you reach your hall of residence!
2. Dress code!?
You’re almost always confused about what to wear to classes (especially if you’re a newbie!)
3. In-time!
This is something that frustrates us the most. You enter your hostel just 3 minutes past the “in-time” and pat goes your name into the ‘Late Entry Register’. Plus you might even have to pay some fine.
4. Change!
You always need change money for the daily commute lest you love to walk (in the scorching Burla sun). The jingle of coins pleases you more than anything!
5. Tough times
In case you don’t have the change and also can’t borrow some, you need to walk all the way. You keep cursing and feeling jealous of the Atri and Vasistha guys.
6. Permission crisis!
You need permission to stay at the university for an extra hour. You need permission to keep coolers in the room. You need permission to go to your own home. You need permission to eat, breathe, sleep! *faints*
7. Gupchup to the rescue!
When you wish to spare your taste buds the torture of mess food, you can have gupchup near Ice Point!
8. Online Shopping Portals <3
Fest? Birthday? Prom? Why go all the way to Sambalpur when you can order fabulous stuff from Jabong or Snapdeal or Junglee? Online shopping saves the day!
9. Dinner woes? :,(
Out come all the pamphlets – Lazziz, PMR, Dwarka, Rahul Fast Food, Shahid Fast Food. *good ol’ bahar-ka-khaana*
10. Timepass?
Binge-watching television series, RomComs or room-hopping to catch on some college gossip.
11. If you’re a regular hostel boarder, then you probably don’t know what a night-out is like.
12. Prohibited Areas
Bulu Chaa Dokan, Kalia, Swarup. Just can’t venture out there.
13. Hairfall!
We’ve all freaked out because of sudden increase in hairfall because of the Burla water supply. No prolonged and peaceful shampoo sessions. *long sigh*
14.ย Want to watch something good on the television? Someone is probably watching her dose of some stupid daily soap.
15. We have all gone through that “two-fold dupatta” and “behenji” phase.

16. All of us desperately wish for a closed campus and a night canteen.

Still, beyond all complaints and constraints, we’re all the more awesome and have learnt to adapt to all that comes our way.

Hold up your glasses, ladies ! Cheers ! ๐Ÿ™‚

23 thoughts on “16 Things Every Girl in VSSUT Can Relate To

  1. Hmm, Interesting. Times in Ladies hostel seems to have changed since my time…..way back…..years ago

  2. Extremely surprised and anguished to learn about ladies toilet situation. Also, I wonder how cat-calling thing couldn’t make into the list. Shockingly, the administration always turns a blind eye to all these.

    We certainly need more people to keep raising this issue. Power to the writer!

  3. Nice piece..
    a)Hairfall wasnt just a girl problem though!!!
    b)Speaking from experience ::: due to permission crisis not only girls suffer.. boyfriends also do.. lol

    Keep it up..
    fun read..

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