Shashwat Mishra – Vassaunt’15

Shaswat Mishra
Shashwat Mishra

SHASHWAT MISHRA –   “You envision it. You get it”, the motto he strongly believes in.

We saw it happen. He made it happen. VASSAUNT-2K15.

Days have passed after Vassaunt 2k15-the annual spring fest and yet we are in awe. A part of us still craves to travel back in time and relive vassaunt-2k15 .With a  lot of new ideas, risky endeavours and amidst all odds , Vassaunt-2k15 outlived our expectations.  Yet we all are completely ignorant about what it entails to organize such a grand fest filled with enthusiasm, excitement and thorough enjoyment.

Behind the scene, lived and breathed the dedication of our Cultural secretary, Shaswat Mishra and his team. The team led by Shaswat Mishra toiled hard to make sure that every single detail of the event had a touch of finesse. Unaffected by criticism , and with absolute composure, this man managed to give us the fest we would cherish forever.

Team Vission recently had a candid interview with Mr. Shaswat Mishra and this is how it turned out to be.

PRATIK MOHANTY: What made you go forth in the interview for the cultural Society secretary?

Ans: The sole aim was to materialize the ideas I had thought to implement. I had this in mind when I went for the interview.

PRATIK MOHANTY: They say people are always apphrehensive.Some might doubt your abilities while some may praise you superficially. What was the initial reaction of the people when you got selected? I say selected and not “elected”.

Ans: Frankly, I didn’t care about either the criticisms or the appraisals. And I consider myself lucky that I got selected and not elected. Something that was enough to silence my critics.

PRATIK MOHANTY: Did you ever fear and lose hope that you may miserably fail in organizing the spring carnival? An honest confession is desirable.

Ans- To be honest there was a moment when I had lost all hopes that fest would happen but never thought that I would fail to organize it. I thank  my organizing team. They were equally passionate about Vassaunt and their sincere efforts and dedication are a few things that I would never forget.

PRATIK MOHANTY:  This takes me to my next question. Just 3 days before Vassaunt, we overheard that the fest was going to be postponed. I want to know how you could be so calm all the while.
Ans: Yes I was calm and probably that was because of the support I got. It was marvellous. I was calmer when the fest was back on the track although it took me a lot of elbow greasing to make it happen. I sincerely thank all those who stood with me at the time.

PRATIK MOHANTY: What was the exact ‘Agenda “Problem? How did you solve it?

Ans- “Agenda” was never a problem. Time was the challenge. Due to Various issues, the agenda could not be submitted on time. We are humans and we commit mistakes. We must learn and amend our mistakes and that is what I did.

PRATIK MOHANTY: How did you solve it?

Ans:  That’s the trick part. There was a lot of fuss for those two days. But I sincerely thank the Final years for being very supportive and my friends for sticking to the cause. Mr. Jaydev Rana and Mr. P.C Swain were the key people who stood at that time. I also thank Mr. Satyabrata das , our VP for his constant support. My final gratitude would go to our honorable V.C Dr.E Saibaba Reddy.

PRATIK MOHANTY: How could you manage within the seemingly scarce Budget? We all know it was hardly enough. Who was that” Chanakya” in your team?

Ans: What you want to do after being the secretary is what matters. The choice is always yours. The answer is very simple. If the budget is utilized judiciously with a lot of forethought, it’s enough. If you got a vision, you got to implement it.

PRATIK MOHANTY: Sunburn truly revolutionized Vassaunt once and for all. How tough was it to make it happen?

Ans: I won’t call it tough. Its always a challenge, to do something new. There was a lot of criticism when the proposal was put forth. But with the ample support of the team the event managed to steal all the glory. Sunburn was the mega event.

PRATIK MOHANTY:  Shaswat Mishra before Vassaunt and Shaswat Mishra after Vassaunt. How has the dynamics of your personality changed since Vassaunt?

Ans: I am same as before (laughs). Nothing has changed much. I just feel relax and satisfied now. But a part of me still wishes there were a couple of more Vassaunts in this year.

PRATIK MOHANTY: That “bike”, I hope it served its purpose will uptill Vassaunt.What about that now? Many more miles to discover?

Ans: Don’t talk about that bike. It has given me more stress than the fest itself. Jokes apart, that bike saw lots of creaks and grinds and was truly an essential part of Vassaunt.I hope it remains with me to till the end of my engineering career. There are no breaks, indicator and headlight in that bike though. (laughs).

PRATIK MOHANTY: That moment on the dais when the whole college was clapping and cheering for you. Tell me how you felt?

Ans: I was very nervous. I don’t even remember what I said. I just heard people clapping and that was an encouragement. I wanted to speak and share a lot with the audience. But the awe of the huge crowd made me speechless. The huge applause and the cheer was my ultimate victory.

PRATIK MOHANTY: What is that one thing you would surely miss about Vassaunt-2k15?

Ans: I am going to miss everything about Vassaunt. It’s a part of me now. Especially those sleepless nights where we did not even have dinner and we solely survived on soft drinks. The crowd cheering endlessly and the energy. The list goes on.

PRATIK MOHANTY: A message for Team Vission and for the upcoming secretaries.

Ans: The Vission is doing a great job. Keep it up. If any help is needed from my side, I would be happy to help. And for the secretaries to come, I have an advice. Always try something new and better because you would be representing the University. Besides, having a good and a reliable team is essential.

PRATIK MOHANTY: It was a pleasure talking to you Mr. Shaswat Vassaunt Mishra. You made a cult statement this year:

To make yourself, stand out from the rest, you need to make the rest outstanding”. Way to go.

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  1. Interesting and seems like you have stumped the odds, Shashwat – congratulations and all the best. Way to go….

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