Sanket Tripathy : The Quiz-kid

Mr. Sanket Tripathy

Cruising right into the zonal round of the real popular, The Tata crucible Business quiz isn’t a small thing and being “Sanket Kumar Tripathy” isn’t either!!

Sanket Tripathy, a student of our very own VSSUT, pursuing b-tech in production engineering, has made us proud by winning the famous quiz competition which further adds to his list of numerous glories.

So VISSION here presents a short chit chat of Sanket with VISSION’s chief editor, Pratik Mohanty:

Pratik: What made you enter into the gigantic world of quizzing?

Sanket: It was kind of childhood passion. My father nurtured the habit of reading in me. I bought many books.. Though I couldn’t read all (smiles). And my mom, she was, is and always be the perennial source of inspiration and support. This along with winning some quizzes and incentives… And I never looked back.

Pratik: well, tell us about your role model in quizzing.

Sanket(with no second thoughts): Bivash Rath Attreya. He is not just mine but everyone’s idol in Burla. The first session of Bivash Bhai and it was enough for me to decide what I have to do in my upcoming years.

Pratik: confess. Quizzing, a calculative bluffing or memorised knowledge?

Sanket:There is no doubt that a sharp memory is needed but the main Point lies in deduction. We have to deduce simple answers from the cryptic questions.

Pratik: what you think is a “pinnacle”?? When can a quizzer say ” I am one of the best”??

Sanket: Never. Quizzing is a ever learning process. There is no end to it. Though yes! Winning ” World’s quizzing champion” tag is every quizzer’s dream.

Pratik: what is quizzing for you?? Leisure, pleasure, passion, profession?

Sanket: I started quizzing as leisure.. But now its my passion. It will be inalienable all my life.

Pratik: There is no doubt you have already reached a quite credible height in quizzing. Who will you give the credits?

Sanket: My hobby of reading. This helped me all the way. My parents, without whom I of course would nt have started at first place.. Nd not yo forget, Bivash Bhai who has been the reason of my… Actually our success.

Pratik: So how is quizzing scenario in VSSUT burla. Any improvements you suggest?

Sanket: It is good. Bt there is always a chance of improvement.. We need an official club, so that proper prior information related to sessions can reach all the students

Moreover, we can add annual quiz event with lucrative prize money so as to gather interest of many.


Pratik: Letz end our chat on a “HIGH”. The greatest quizzing moment of your life?

Sanket: The moment we answered the last question in Tata crucible 2015 Ranchi finals. That is the ” MOMENT OF MY QUIZZING LIFE “. I still remember abinash saying that there has to be a question on JN Tata as it was his birthday and eureka! The question we framed in quizzine was the ultimate question and we sailed through!! (Broad smile)

Pratik: convey something to quiz beginners?

Sanket: For the newbies in quizzing.. I would say.. Keep reading. Try to have a view about everything under the sun and question everything! Attend quizzine session and Yeah! Stay curious.

Pratik: Last! A few words for vission sir!!

Sanket: I believe vission is a great initiative. Everyone in the team have worked hard day and night to put together the website and such wonderful content. I wish vission to continues the good work.

Pratik: it was an honour interviewing you Mr. Sanket Tripathy. It is true to say that you are a “ “progidee in the making”.

And with this the interview of the quiz maniac ends. The avid reader with a Curious mind who believes him to be ” A philomath and aspiring polymath” quotes from the renowned “Frost”…..

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But..

I have miles to go before I sleep..

I have  miles to go before I sleep.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me. Honored indeed, I wish you all the success. And best wishes to Quizzine and VISSION. cheers 🙂

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