The Mother Rule

libraryIt was one of those winter afternoons that took away the notions of winter, yes, it was quite hot and sunny. Before plunging into what made me go haywire, may a bit of introduction would help!!!

As the norms with the accommodation goes, every room in our single-stored first year hostel was filled with four lil newbies trying to squeeze into the cramped room (at least when it needs to fill in four souls and their baggages) and silently making the maximum room for oneself – given to the fact that we carry luggage that would even suffice a whole family.

Space, in due course of time, becomes a rather petty issue, with of course the intervention of adjustment and friendship. By and large as we try to adjust, the breaking point arrives with the exam schedule stuck on the notice board. For people like me, studying in a room of four is just disturbing. No, not because I am some genius or stuff, just I am not used to reading in such an environment. To put it in other words, I am a slow learner and exam times take a toll on me, so I prefer keeping the space up to myself.

Now, the real question remains, where do I go to get a silent space. The mess- no, the workers got their own chores to do there. The common room-nope, it is just a place of salvation during exam times, with the volume blaring as the students pour in for a 5 min break. Library- how could I forget!!!

With the entire day off for the exam preparations, and the library just a few minutes away, I had just hit the jackpot. So, I packed a few books and was on my way. As a stepped in (for the first time ever, as a matter of fact), I kept my bag in the rack, took out the needful books and hurled inside.

“WAIT!!! You aren’t allowed to take books inside!!”

I stood there dumbfound. I mean, I couldn’t  reason out as to why was I possibly interrupted. As far as I had known, students, in general, are allowed to take their books and laptops inside. Tensed as I was, I enquired about the situation from them. “MOTHER RULE of the university”, they said, it cannot be changed. That statement hit me hard. I just couldn’t figure out as to why such a rule would even exist. I wanted to study, I had my books, my bad outside and still you people won’t let me in!!!

Thinking of an alternative, I thought of getting myself the same book from inside the library. To my dismay, not even that particular book was available in the library. Dejected as I was, I left!!!

And even till this date I couldn’t get one thing, what is the use of such a rule that in no way benefits the students.

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