Latent Talent


Don’t get a creative person frustrated lest you want these all over their walls !

About the Artist :

Zenitha Das
Zenitha Das

Zenitha Das, is a second year student of Computer Science And Engineering at the University. Her interests range from Singing and Dancing to most specifically Writing. She is a member of the official dance club of the University – VIBRANZ, alongside she has been a great author.

Apart from this she owns her own BLOG, where she shares her thoughts and writings. Leisure is a tool to encourage her latent talents. Recently she discovered her skills in Painting. Here she shares her imagination, in a wall graffiti.

We encourage such Creative Minds to steer their thoughts into Success.

3 thoughts on “Latent Talent

  1. Hey, how would you like to make illustrations for my articles? I write regularly but on business and leadership topics and I like your creativity.
    Would you like to collaborate here?

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