This year we have seen a revolutionary change in the cultural calendar of VSSUT. If someone thought that VSSUT was done with its list of fests then he had no idea what he was up for in the coming days. It was “VASSAUNT 2K15” that waited for its arrival on 20th of March. If it was just “entertainment” earlier then this time it was “more entertainment”.  Every student not just of this university but also from outside this university was waiting to be a part of this grand fest.

The fest began its 3days journey on 20th march.  The inaugural ceremony, in the presence of the honorable dignitaries including the honorable vice chancellor sir who was the respected chief guest for the night, began at 5.30 pm in the evening. At around 6pm the honorable vice chancellor declared the” VASSAUNT 2K15” open. The opening ceremony was followed by entertaining performances by the soul’s members followed by the vibranz members and performances from the final years. With these breathtaking performances the day 1 came to an end.

On the 2nd day there were two other societies, that is the “Literary society”, and the “Art and photography club “which had their respective events. The literary society had its opening ceremony held at 10.30 am in the presence of honorable vice chancellor. The literary society had its list of events like poem writing, story writing, essay writing, spot the difference, mock parliament and the most awaited event “war of halls”. All these events saw a very healthy participation from the students. The art and photography club had few events like mehendi design, one line sketching and minimalist etc which had quite an active participation from the students


Then came the most awaited event of the 2nd day and that was the “SUNBURN”. Every student was prepared to LIVE LOVE And DANCE as ACEAXE was there to burn the stage. And as the name suggests “Sunburn”, the night was actually on fire. It made every spectator dance on the beats of the rock music. Another event which actually reignited the love quotient in VSSUT was the social night which saw the participants taking part in fun games along with dance on the beats of some soothing songs.

22nd march, the last day of the fest had its own share of fun to offer both day and night like treasure hunt etc. From morning to noon students kept themselves involved in the fun events. The literary society had its closing ceremony held at around 4.30pm in the evening. The prizes and certificates were given to the event winners. The 1st prize in the event war of halls was bagged by the self sustaining team and the second prize by vasishta hall of residence.

The evening began with the closing ceremony of Vassaunt 2K15 .It was followed by the final year ramp who presented their elegant look and walk on the ramp. The night saw some grand events like V Roadies, Dance to the beats, Rock and Rolla, and the finale of the most popular and most participated event Mr. and Miss Vassaunt.  These events had a wide reach as it saw participation throughout the country. The 1st prize in dance to the beats was grabbed by the official dance group of our university “Vibranz”. The winner of V roadies was Ankita Sahu. The winners for the most talked about event which had created a stir in every college and university, “Mr. and Miss Vassaunt”, were Saswati Sarangi of VSSUT Burla and Chinmaya Patra of GIET Gunupur. These two had the looks, confidence and panache to pull it off and stand out in the crowd. And High voltage band which actually gave shock with their rocking music in Rock and Rolla emerged as the winners of the event. Thus in the closing ceremony all the winners were awarded and felicitated with their prizes and certificates. Thus this grand, big extravaganza of 3days came to an end with loads of fun, enjoyment and memories to cherish.

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