Re-Define Theories of Entertainment


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The dramatics society of our varsity defines an artist as a person who portrays a vivid panorama of life, inculcating moral values in its audience.

On Feb 21 and 22, the campus was all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

Mr.Dilip Padhy,head of national school of drama, consented to be the honorary chief guest, whose words during the inaugural ceremony, starting at 6 pm on feb 21,mesmerised the evening.

First drama, played by students of vasistha hall, added to the excitement of the audience.

On Feb 22, the night as well as the day was full of fun. From morning to noon, students were all busy in fun events like face painting ,paper dance, grab the limelight and filmyquiz, whereas, the ramp show for mr &miss emouvoir proved that VSSUTians are well off in fashion as well.

In the evening, girls from visakha hall performed a drama criticising  the median. The play ended with a moral that tele-media will stop vulgarity iff people would stop entertaining it.

Then finally came the most awaited moment with the arrival of Nitin Gupta, a Delhi based writer, actor and a very famous stand up comedian ,well known as Rivaldo, gently dressed in white kurta & overcoat, on the stage. His jokes on his childhood crush, tv commercials  ended up raising  questions in a sarcastical tone.

Then the happening of the very awaited university drama was announced.

Passing through many controversies this drama turned out to be the best drama of the fest. A real drama, showing real emotions by the seniors, raising questions as well as clarifying all the chaotic situations in slurred manner, energised one and all.

The lovely night came to its end with a mind blowing performance by Vibranz, the official vssut dance club, making every spectator dance along to every beat.

In the closing ceremony, on feb 22, rivaldo was presented a momento & winners of all the events were being felicitated with prizes and certificates..

The grand ceremony ended with a musical note, all jumping, cheering and rocking the dance floor with DJ….

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