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It begins with the question “What is the difference between a Scientist & an Engineer?” It is usually answered with the argument that an engineer can implement ideas, can work with machines.

However as a Premier Institute of Engineering Excellence The VSSUT severely lacks in laboratory amenities. The machines, the electronic kit students are supplied to work with can be dated back to the days this Institute was established. In Computer lab students are compelled to bring their own systems along with them & those who can’t afford have no option but to share with others which at times causes anomaly in laboratory readings. The computers present upon being switched to start sing high frequency melodies which pierces the ears & at times causes acute migraine. “Should be kept away from water” is the first precaution mentioned while working with Electrical and Electronics instruments but sadly our Electronics and electrical labs have water continuously dripping from the roofs. Upon being questioned about such plight the answer comes “This is VSSUT & nothing works here properly”. NO Sir this is VSSUT & we ought to make this work properly.


As we take a look at the notice panels within the college a successive timeline, of funds flowing for the upkeep and development of our laboratories, can be drawn.

Recently our University has been upgraded to the status ‘12B’ by the UGC board, hence funds from the Central government can be channeled. Therefore a proper and planned utilization of these funds is sincerely requested.

The Glorious and laudable work that started with the 2nd floor can be extended to the laboratories in our University.


It has been high time VSSUT has remained under the ashes of such problems and plights. It’s time we rise up from it like a phoenix. Hope that all the good work started pursues and grows. Hope that this new dawn of change smile upon VSSUT & make it the epitome of Engineering & Technical Excellency. May the great name of VSSUT be dusted and cleaned to radiate its brilliance once again.

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