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chaulHunger is the greatest affliction of all. A man with an empty stomach is like a car without fuel, i.e useless. A hungry person is grumpy and weak. No one can work efficiently whilst being hungry. What this means is there can be no compromise on eating. You don’t try not breathing sometimes, Do you? Well eating properly is just as necessary.

We eat to live. That is what most of us believe in. But then, these people have not met foodies like me!!.. Because I swear by my motto, “live to eat”. Having a huge appetite and being a food lover, I travel all over Burla and Sambalpur, in search of good food.

Koshal, as western Orissa is known is known for a variety of indigenous recipes and items, all rich in the sweet tanginess associated with the cuisine here. There are a lot of places nearby where you can sample the Koshali cuisine, and i am here to help in the process. People might question the need of eating outside despite food being available in the hostel messes. But they need to realise that sometimes the food served in the mess is radioactive, and cannot be touched. It is in situations like this, that knowledge of the local food scene comes handy. Because as i said earlier, going Hungry is not an option.

We being students also need the food to be cheap. God knows, when it comes to money, most of us are always short.

So, here are some of the koshali delicacies you can find nearby, which do not pinch your pockets very much, at the same time satiating your hunger and satisfying your taste buds.


Bara is something all oriyas associate with. It is the most common snack all over the state and also the most easily available. It is also a versatile food, eaten both as breakfast and snacks.

The Chaul Bara is the koshali twist of taste. it is just as savoury, but with a distinctly different taste. Traditionally, baras are made from lentils (biri) and INGREDIENTS. However the chaul Bara as the name suggests is made up of rice or chaul. Usually served with tangy chutney or with delicious ghuguni, these little chewy balls will take your taste buds on a ride. They also come very cheap with a 20rs serving being enough to fill your stomach.

Enjoy this delicacy at Indira chowk in Burla. So, the next time you are really hungry and want a quick satiating bite, you know where to turn to.

Another one of the local delicacies is the chana pakodi. this is another koshali twist to a pan-indian dish, which makes it stand out.

As the name suggests these are pakodas made from chana dal, instead of the usual besan. available exclusively in western odisha, these pakodas are a must try. they are also served with tangy chutney or ghuguni. the pakodas create an explosion of flavour in your mouth,with the mixture of sweet, sour and chilli. A taste so unique and a dish so savoury, it will only leave you wanting for more. This is also a dish that is not heavy on the wallet and you can have a stomachfull at meagre rates.

You can enjoy this delicacy at various shops near golbazar and nandpada in sambalpur. Be sure to try this out whilst you are here in Burla.

3 thoughts on “Chaul Bara | Chana Pakodi

  1. Well… is true that to explore wholesome taste we don’t have to always peep into 5-stars, even these lanes and sub-lanes, mid markets and chowks have some tastes that those 5-stars can’t compete with….. Nice article by my friend Archit..

  2. What a propaganda dude!!! Kosal and kosli twist!!!! Seriously you guys are heavily brainwashed…. It’s Sambalpuri not kosli bhosli…. Sambalpuri is a integral part of Odia cuisine and taste….so is the culture and values..

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