ONGC DEHRADUN : Asish Mishra



TEAM VISSION : How was your experience? Did you get enough time apart from your work schedule during the training?

  • My experiences as an intern at ONGC, Dehradun were something that will be cherished by me for a lifetime.
  • I was enrolled as a winter trainee cum intern for over a month, hence I was fortunate to enjoy all the privileges that an ONGC employee does which was clearly helpful in enhancing my hence present knowledge of “Power Systems “
  • I used to train at ONGC for 8 hours a day, leaving me sufficient time for myself , which I normally spent roaming around the city of Dehradun.
  • ONGC being a premier public sector company of our country , the nature of job for the employees is stress less which is why the employees deliver to the maximum of their caliber churning out an annual turnover of about 30 billion USD , which is at par with any Fortune 500 enterprise.

TEAM VISSION : How did you get to know about this training procedure?

  • I am a student member at the website “Internshala” which helped me know about the procedure involved in the internship.

TEAM VISSION : Was there any funding for this?

  • No, this was not a paid internship , and one is also not allowed to claim money as remuneration for one’s service as per ONGC guidelines.
  • However , one has to fund one’s stay for over a month at Dehradun.

TEAM VISSION : By how much ease a normal undergrad student can get this internship cum training in general companies?

  • For any student with a meritorious academic career, cracking the internship is not a big deal
  • But having said this I would also like to add the fact that for someone with an average academic career , cracking this internship is not easy. My suggestion for those students would be to contact the officials evaluating the profiles of the applicants personally and to convince them by showing positive desperation to undergo the internship.

TEAM VISSION : When can one apply for this and what are the eligibility criteria?

  • One can come across various internship advertisements at “in” matching one’s profile .
  • Internshala also provides a platform through which one can apply for an internship that he/she is interested in.

TEAM VISSION : A visit to any place is incomplete without a visit to its famous sightseeing places. Any experience of yours you would like to share ?

  • Dehradun is a dream destination for any engineer who aspires to work in a competitive yet serene environment as there are many sites which are great stress busters.
  • Mentioning some of them:- Forest Reserve of India , Indian Military Academy , Mussoorie hill station.

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