Talent is that ability or skill which is said to be innate in a person and so is luck and both are not eruditions. Good fortune is when we are saved from falling into a misery when all others succumb to it, it is then when we are said to be lucky.

Being Talented as people believe is fortuitous but being fortunate is not a talent. Hence many can be luckily talented but few are talented with a good luck.

Good Luck is the life jacket which sometimes prevents us from drowning into the deep sea of sufferings and hopelessness. Whereas talent is that glorious, bejeweled ship, which can get us across this vastness of misery. At times this vessel comes with a deck hollowed of good fortune, which can get crushed by the demonic waves of negativity & can drown us right into nothingness.

However this hollow can be mended by the lumber of will and dint of hardwork. Luck can be a deceitful thief & may abandon you any moment. But Talent with the continuous upkeep of hardwork can be your savior, your knight in shining armor.

Luck without Talent is futile & so is Talent without luck, but then again this hollowness can always be mended….

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Abhinab Mohanty
Abhinab Mohanty

Abhinab Mohanty is an avid writer and an intellectual being. He takes his keen interest in observing the perspectives of life and pens down his thoughts in his leisure.

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