VSSUT clinches TATA CRUCIBLE title at Ranchi in a battle of nerves


The stage was set for a complete showdown. VSSUT , the runners up team from last year, with Bivash Rath and Sanket Tripathy looking to make amends on one side, along with 2 teams from NIT-R, the defending champions on the other. IIM Ranchi shaped up to drive off the outstation teams and establish native supremacy along with BITS & XISS.

The prelims questions were a bit on the tougher side for a city like Ranchi but as quizmaster Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramanium justified his set stating Ranchi always had good teams and Giri wasn’t proved wrong for what a ride the quiz turned out to be.

The Wild card entrants saw 2 teams from VSSUT , one team comprising Abinash Padhy & Abhijit Mohanty along with Sanket & Bivash in other team. All happen to be among the most active members of ” quizzine” club of VSSUT. The wild card battle saw only team of Bivash & Sankey qualifying for finals. Though not qualifying Abinash n Abhijit’s stint remains praiseworthy achievement. The top finishers proved their mettle and answered few easy ones on the buzzer to you to compensate a somewhat shaky performance in the prelims.

The finals started with defending champs, the NIT-R team of Nishant and Wasim placed gaining on the first question and then losing all points within a matter of minutes. This trend followed throughout the quiz.

IIM Ranchi worked out some good guesses and piled up their scores at the end to 135. Meanwhile the other team from NITR too gathered momentum and garnered points. At one point in the quiz VSSUT had a comfortable lead at 175 but they squandered it with some rash ones on the buzzer.

Coming to rashness, the defending champs from NIT R played a bit too aggressively. They lost and gained points throughout the quiz and answered more questions than anyone else. Had it not been for the negatives they took they could have finished at  a score nearing 400, an unassailable total.

At the last question IIM Ranchi perched the top of the leader board followed closely by the two teams from NIT-R and VSSUT at the 4th spot.

The last question appeared on the screen and the defending champs pounced on their chance, while everyone waited to congratulate them again for their bumpy win with bated breath. The wait indicated something was wrong and the look was of despair. Finally Pickbrain killed the first chance and awarded them a negative 75 which was the value of the question.

No sooner than the negative was awarded, VSSUT pressed the buzzer and all the focus shifted on to the team which had already been written off. With a plus 60(on a second chance on buzzer),the tally of VSSUT would have reached from 65 to 125 which would have been still short of IIM Ranchi’s cozy score of 135. As Bivash started the answer, Giri went to the stage to add on to the drama of the moment and then Sanket did a quick math to figure out they are not  going to clinch the title and reminded his partner of the power play which increases the value of a 75 point question to a 85 pointer. 65+85 = 150 and that’s what they finished on. Answering the last question on the second chance VSSUT dislodged IIM from the top spot and for the first time in the decade old history of TATA CRUCIBLE carried the laurels from the homeland of Birsa Munda to the homeland of Veer Surendra Sai in what was termed a battle of nerves.

Sanket and Bivash happen to be among the most active members of the ‘Quizzine‘ club of VSSUT, Burla. Quizzine organizes quizzes in the campus premises every Saturday.

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