Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Chapter of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla, Odisha is a technical society which mainly deals with the designing and fabricating of automobile prototypes to participate in various college design series competitions at both national and international levels and also carries out various research projects for major breakthroughs in the automobile sector. Since its year of establishment which dates back in 2011, the society has worked tremendously in its principal motive , the enhancement in the performance chart speaks that all. All-terrain vehicle, FormulaF3 and battery driven cycles are the various projects and prototypes on which the society mainly focusses on. The society has currently two teams, a group of 50 enthusiastic undergraduates guided by faculty advisors, participating in various national events like BAJA SAEINDIA, BAJA STUDENT INDIA and SUPRA SAEINDIA. The society carries out its work through two teams namely Team VEERss Racing and Team VEERRACERSS, the former being the official BAJA team and later the official SUPRA team of the university.

Team VEERss Racing, the official BAJA team , mainly focusses on the designing and fabrication of all terrain vehicle prototypes to participate in above stated mini BAJA events that takes place annually at both national and international events. The team has been participating in such events since 2011 and has successfully fabricated 4 prototype all terrain vehicle with its vehicle name IOKE. The team comprises of 25 technically sound and ever hardworking undergraduates from various disciplines of engineering which includes mechanical, production, electrical, electronics, computer science and civil. The national level events in which the team participates comprises of two stages. In the first stage , either the team has to prepare a powerpoint presentation describing about the vehicle the team will be fabricating and is known as the ‘VIRTUAL ROUND’(in BAJA SAEINDIA) or a ‘RULEBOOK QUIZ’ (in BAJA STUDENT INDIA)is conducted which drives in a set of questions from a prescribed rulebook which is mandatory for all the teams to follow and design their vehicles accordingly and the top 44 teams who have completed with cent percent accuracy get selected to the second stage. In the second stage also known as the ‘MAIN EVENT’, each selected team has to fabricate their designed prototype and are further pass through various technical scrutiny like engine inspection, brake test and technical inspection and then, ranked according to various static events (like design report, sales presentation, cost report presentation) and dynamic events (like acceleration, hill climb, manoeuvrability, suspension and traction, weight pull, endurance).

In 2014,the team participated in BAJA SAEINDIA for the third time with its vehicle IoKE-III and came out with flying colours. The team secured an overall all India rank of 34 out of around 120 participating teams and 5th in CAE(Computer Aided Engineering)Award , sponsored by ANSYS, which is awarded to the best design report submitted at the event followed by 19th rank in acceleration. In 2015, the team participated in BAJA STUDENT INDIA for the first time with its fourth edition vehicle IoKE-IV and again showed up the best performance so far. The team secured an overall rank of 12 out of around 50 tough and competitive teams from around the nation which includes teams from institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, National Institute of Technology, Suratkal, National Institute of Technology, Trichy, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani and College of Engineering, Pune. The team bagged 8th position in cost report presentation, 10th in traction (the weight pull event),11th in endurance, 12th in manoeuvrability , 17th in hill climb , 17th in acceleration and 19th in design report.

The team has succeeded in fabricating a lighter and more compact vehicle with better weight distributed thereby dynamically more stable as compared to the previous years’ vehicles. The weight of the vehicle is around 260 kg with 60:40 weight distribution (rear biased) , a compact engine cradle with a belt drive, a way ahead of conventional direct coupling transmission system which requires a spacious engine cradle and a 4-speed manual gear with a digital gear shifter indicator facility. For the year 2016, the team has decided to lift up its design to the next level by the incorporation of FOX suspension, a lighter and more easier installation procedure than the conventional helical spring –damper system, replacement of manual gear box with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) , customised Forward-Neutral-Reverse(FNR) gearbox, lighter and compact knuckles, customised wheel assemblies and enhanced chassis design. The entire project starts from a scratch initiated from the elementary calculations to CAD (Computer Aided Design) software guided design analysed by ANSYS (an analysis software) and putting forward its dynamic behaviour initially through softwares like LOTUS and ADAMS and finally on the road. The entire designing and fabrication is a 4-6 months play and since the society participates in two events, the commotion of technical knowledge and fabrication chaos takes place in the society round the year.

The entire project is funded mainly by students and companies like Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL)and HINDALCO (Aditya Birla Group) . Finance shortage and less technology outreach have always been the major pushbacks to the team ,despite that, the team strives hard to overcome them and successfully comes up with an optimised yet a compromised vehicle every year performing better than its previous year and promises to do the same in all the coming years. The team also promises to carry out more of its experiments to come up with innovative breakthroughs and make the university proud with its presence .


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  1. Awesome Job Guys!!! Proud to be a former part of Team VEERss….. All those engines pumping, sparking of welds and the adrenaline rush at the BAJA event is something else….. Awesome Job Team VEERss keep on improving… and Team VEERRACERSS be enthusiastic and make the best F3 vehicle ever… All The Best To Both teams!!!

  2. A big thank you to the VISSION team feature an article about IOKE IV. Even though the article is informative i would like to point it to the editorial team that the article has some factual flaws. The SAE Collegiate chapter was established in 2009 not 2011. Also it would have been nice to see names of the alumni who worked really hard during the formative year. I hope the errors will be corrected.

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