In talks with Prof. Sumanta Panda

 “Very important to crack jokes in class”


Prof. Sumanta Panda

It was fun interviewing the H.O.D. of Production Engineering Dr. Sumanta Panda as he entertained us with his lively views and dynamic attitude. There was an aura of awesomeness about him that you couldn’t stop admiring him. A positive man with full of enthusiasm and integrity, it was amazing interviewing him. Following are some excerpts:

Team VISSION : How did you chose Production Engineering as your profession?

By chance. I’m basically a mechanical engineer but I’m now serving in Production Engineering Deptt of this college.

Team VISSION : What is your recipe for success?

There is no shortcut to success and there is no substitute to hardwork. As simple as that.

Team VISSION : Can you tell us about your life as a student, sir?

I enjoyed my student life like any other normal boy, there was nothing extraordinary; neither I was too studious neither I was too playful. I studied in Jilaspur, Sambalpur. I completed my +2 in G.M.College. I did B.E. in Mechanical Engineering at U.C.E. Burla, and I did my in Machine Dynamics in IIT Delhi. Then I completed my PhD. in Robot Kinematics from sambalpur University with U.C.E. Burla as the nodal center. Mostly I spent my life in Sambalpur.

Team VISSION : How are the educations systems of your time and that of today different?

Old is Gold: to put it simply. At that time the avenues available were limited. There was no proper platform to showcase your talent. There was no internet, no information exchange. Knowledge acquisition was different. We’re solely dependent on books and we’d to toil hard and work for longer periods of time than the present students are working. Today there is information overflow. There is internet: the best thing for knowledge exchange. Internet has reduced the size of the world literally.

Team VISSION : Describe your teaching style.

I always believe in active teaching. Participative interaction between teachers and students is the first priority. I allow students to question their doubts. I discourage any fear from the students to come forward and ask their doubts. While giving lectures, it is also important and effective to give flowcharts and pictorial representation. And the most important thing is to crack jokes in class. The environment of the class should be jolly rather than boring.

Team VISSION : How do you adhere yourself with the poor performers or uninterested students of the class?

I always encourage them by giving analogies to create interest among them. Like, right now let me give you an example. Heat variation is of 3 types. Conduction where movement of electrons happen, convection where movement of the medium happens and radiation where no medium is required. I relate this to their lives by involving them by making them subjects of the particular example.

Team VISSION : What word of encouragement do you have for those who score less CGPA?

Well, simply take a cue from some backbenchers. Sabeer Bhatia, Vinod Gupta, even Bill gates; all were back benchers.

Team VISSION : What is your biggest achievement?

I believe that the biggest satisfaction for the teaching fraternity is itself the success of their student. When my students get placed in some good place; it is my biggest achievement. When you get a call from your student and he says sir, I m today here at this place: That happiness is unmatched

Team VISSION : Do you like your association with this college?

Definitely. This college is my mother. Do you hate your mother? Your mother’s lap is the most comfortable place in the whole world. This college is like the land where I harvested my produce. This college is my home.

Team VISSION : What production engineering holds in the future? What plan do you change to bring to your deptt.?

I want atleast to ensure availability of good labs with cutting edge technology. We’ll also produce PhDs to do advance level of research.

Team VISSION :  Any goals you have for yourself?

Ofcourse, I want to reach the highest position of the teaching profession.

Team VISSION :  How do you spend your leisure?

I’m a damn fan of cricket and bikes. Without them I can’t live.

Team VISSION :  Your fav cricketers?

Who else than Sachin Tendulkar? I also admire Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd, Dean Jones, David Boon, Bruce Reid and Mike Gatting.

Team VISSION :  You  also said about bikes….

Give me any bike and the next moment I’m ready to ride it!

Team VISSION :  If not Production Engineering what career would you have chose?

An Actor. Yeah, I’ve even conducted with Satish Kaushik in IIT Delhi. And I m a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan. I haven’t missed even a single movie of his.

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