In talks with Prof. Pusparaj Dash

Prof. Pusparaj Dash

Team VISSION: You’re one of the most experienced teachers in VSSUT. What changes have you witnessed and what reforms do you want to bring in future?

PRD Sir: There are plans to change the syllabus in accordance to present industry demands. New books will be purchased for the Department library and it will be open for the B.Tech students also.

Team VISSION: What steps do you plan to undertake for development of the department labs?

PRD Sir: Department labs were established for intake of 60 students. But now as the strength has been increased to 120, more laboratory equipments will be purchased and non-functional lab equipments are being repaired. All faculties are trying to bring in new projects. Dr. S.K. Sarangi has brought projects worth 70-80 lakhs for our university. Some newly procured machines include coating machine, CNC welding machine, etc.

Team VISSION: You have been teaching in VSSUT for long. What do you feel about this university?

PRD Sir: I am an ex-student of this institute (1984-88, B.Tech) and hence I like this university very much. I’m thankful to God and immensely happy that I got a chance to teach at the place where I was once taught. Our new VC is working tirelessly to improve this university. I believe that by 2020 it will attain great heights and will be accounted as one of the best universities in the country.
Team VISSION: What do you think of this newsletter “VISSION” and what message do you have for the students?

PRD Sir: This is a laudable proposal and I believe that this endeavour will be a success. I’ll advise the students to believe in hard work and maintain ethical behaviour inside the campus to promote a healthy study environment.

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