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Sushant Kumar Badjena

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering is a new branch at VSSUT, having being launched only in 2013. It’s H.O.D. Dr. Sushant Kumar Badjena is given the important task of carrying the new branch forward. We’re lucky enough as sir spared his valuable time for us to share some of his experiences. Following are some excerpts:

 Team VISSION : How and why did you choose “Metallurgy & Materials Engineering” as your career?

Ans: Well, frankly speaking due to my rank in Odisha JEE, I got admission in Chemical Engineering. After first year of my course work, I got a chance to change my branch to Metallurgy & Materials Engineering. For this I would like to thanks to my elder brother who is working at RSP, Rourkela for insisting me to change the branch to Metallurgy. Now, I can tell you proudly that till date all my fellow Metallurgist batch mates are in respectable & prestigious position in India and aboard.

Team VISSION : You are now a top faculty at VSSUT. What is your secret to success/what strategies did you adopt to be successful?

Ans: Well, be honest with your approach, give 100% effort and rest dedicate to Lord Jagannath. Momentarily you will be stuck with some hurdle, but be sure if your approach is honest your term will come.

Team VISSION : How is the education system in which you studied in and the education system of today different?

Ans: I do not think education system matter much; the only thing matter is how you understand the fundamentals with realistic approach.

 Team VISSION : What is the best thing about a Metallurgical Engineer?

Ans: Best thing as a Metallurgical Engineer is, we understand the fundamental behaviors of metals and materials around us which we use in our day – today life.

Team VISSION : Describe your teaching style.

Ans: I prefer to teach in smart class system, try to educate my students with basic fundamentals & most importantly I teach them an interactive way.

Team VISSION : What do you consider to be one of your greatest achievements?

Ans: Got a good rank in GATE examination & got admission for my M. Tech at IIT Kanpur

Team VISSION : What changes did you bring about in your department?

Ans: The department is a new born baby of VSSUT, lot of care must be put upon for the growth in the initial days. In the department we are starting everything from the scratch. I got a young & energetic team with me to build the department to one of the best department of VSSUT.

Team VISSION : What are your plans to bring about further development in your department?

Ans: Develop the best curriculum, which is not par with NIT’s & IIT’s system. The main focuses of department activities are multi-directional with an emphasis on both research and education. Currently, the department is setting up various laboratories involved in undergraduate courses. The current approach of our department is to develop each and every laboratory with multifunctional objectives.

Team VISSION : What do you like the best about being a professor?

Ans: The knowledge you got from your education & from your experience, try to impart or share those knowledge and experiences with your beloved students. Share your real experiences with your student.

Team VISSION : What do you like the worst about being a professor?

Ans: I do not think anything is wrong being a professor Just think the department or system as a whole like a family.

Team VISSION : Tell us about your vision of Metallurgical and Materials engineering: where do you think Metallurgical Engineering is headed in the next five years?

Ans: Designing and generating capable engineers to satisfy the needs of society. Pursuing high-science will enable the fundamental understanding of the basic concepts. Knowledge of growing science will allow the global scientists to build-up and overpower the needs of tomorrow. In next five years time, the department is devoted to the design, creation and fundamental understanding of materials that are capable of enhancing the human experience.

Team VISSION : Do you like your present work environment? What changes should be brought in the present work environment according to you?

Ans: I do not like the procedural delay due to red tapeism. Do not believe in lot of paper works. Every system is moving towards paperless, why not the present system will move towards in that direction.

Team VISSION : How has been your experience in VSSUT so far?

Ans: Last eight months experience was huge for me, it builds me with lot mature and responsible. Heading a small department & dreaming a lot for the new department.

Team VISSION : What are your hobbies? What do you do in your leisure time?

Ans: Younger days I used to play cricket but these days watching debates in news channel.

Team VISSION : What else would you have become if not a Professor?

Ans: Scientist of any reputed Institute.

 Team VISSION : Any success mantra you would like to give to your students?

Ans: My only advice to my students is “be honest” with all your approach or efforts.

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