In talks with Dr. Piyush Ranjan Das

“Do what you love”

Prof. Piyush Ranjan Das

From being one of the total of just 20 students in his high-school in a remote and backward area, to becoming a top faculty of VSSUT, Dr. Piyush Ranjan Das is one of the success stories that you would normally read in any motivational storybook. We were able to have a little interactive session with him where he shared us some of his experiences and views:

Team VISSION : Why did you chose Physics as your career?

After ISc. I joined the field of physics as I found it to be highly interesting and stimulating. I loved the subject and being a physicist gives me ultimate satisfaction. So I chose Physics because simply I loved it. I do what I love.

Team VISSION : What strategies did you adopt to be successful in your career?

What else than hardwork and sincerity? If you do your work with sheer determination, success is guaranteed. Although my breakthrough for me was joining IIT Kgp where the highly competitive environment was the accelerant to work more efficiently towards achieving my goals.

Team VISSION : How is the education system in which you studied in and the education system of today different?

I’ve studied in G.M.College, Ravenshaw University and PhD.  in IIT Kharagpur. At that time the volume of course that we used to study was too large. Take for example at that time matriculate was 3 years course! If we compare the education system of my time and today’s, we see that the pressure on the students owing to the syllabus is quite less. Hence the students of today have a lot of time left and in this time they can invest in innovative ideas. Today’s system is quite developed. Change is good, and I am not conservative. Another contrast that we see is that we were getting less marks at that time. 60% marks during that time equals 90% of today.

Team VISSION : Sir, can you tell us about your early life?

I’ve grown up in backward places like Boudh, Phulbani, Bolangir and Kalahandi. I did my schooling in Bolangir for 5th,6th,and 7th standard. Then I did my 8-11th  in Panchayat High School in Buddhikarma; a remote place presently in Nuapada. You won’t believe that there were only 5 students in my class and perhaps just 20 students in the entire high school. Such was the precarious situation in those days. Still I managed to bloom out strong from that period with hardwork and determination. A willingness to excel and carrying the blessings of my parents made me what I am today.

Team VISSION : What is your greatest achievement?

My students’ successes are my greatest achievements. That gives you your ultimate success.

I’ve already guided 5 research scholars for PhD.

Team VISSION :  Do you like your present work environment? Any changes you would like to suggest?

Yes, definitely I like it. But I would like to definitely suggest some infrastructure upgradation like more research lab facilities are needed in this college.

Team VISSION : Describe your experience with students of the college.

It has so far been very good. All the students are awesome and they are all filled with talent. They are very cooperative and respective but I feel student-teacher interaction should increase than what it is now.

Team VISSION : What are your research interests? Any future goals you have?

Condensed matter physics and ferroelectric materials. I aim to further spread my research.

Team VISSION : What do you advise your students to achieve their goals in life?

Apart from honesty, sincerity and hardwork, developing positive attitude is very important in shaping a person’s career.

Team VISSION : How do you spend your leisure time?

There is no leisure time for me since I’m deep-involved in research work. Even after college hours I devote my time towards my research work.

Team VISSION : What other career would you have chosen, if not physics?

Maybe, a social worker. I always am willing to work for the society.

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