In talks with Dr. Manas Ranjan Kabat

Dr. Manas Ranjan Kabat

Team VISSION: What developments have taken place in the department under your supervision?

 Sir: There have been numerous developments in the recent past. Two laboratories- the Simulation lab and a research lab for the M. Tech students have been set up in the department. A computer organization lab and another research lab for the Ph.D students are expected to be set up within a month. NBA accreditation Self-Assessment Report for three courses, i.e. B.Tech (CSE), B. Tech (IT) and M. Tech (CSE), has been uploaded. A new course structure for 2015-16 batch of B.Tech has been prepared and lecture notes for 12 subjects have been prepared and uploaded to the university website.

ICCIDM (International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Mining) was organised in December’14 which witnessed eminent professors from all over the country sharing their views and opinions regarding the advancements in the field of computer science.

Team VISSION: What changes do you want to see in VSSUT in the coming years?

Sir:  I would like to see VSSUT possessing a healthy and research friendly environment operating 24×7. Also there’s a need to develop centres of excellence for various subjects. Students should also nurture entrepreneurship skills.  Our university should also collaborate with different industries for projects and seminars across the country at a greater rate.

Team VISSION: Any cherished memory you would like to share with us Sir?

Sir: It was 2006, the golden jubilee year, and we were planning to organize a software exhibition. But lack of computers and necessary softwares forced us to rethink our plans. Fortunately we had a significant amount of items like PC-AT, older generation floppy discs and many defunct servers. A the-then student- Satya Prakash suggested that we could showcase the old things and name it as ‘Heritage of CSE department’. Believe me; our work was appreciated more than the paper presentations and other things.

We had succeeded in making the exhibition a great success. Yes, we made “Something out of nothing.”

Team VISSION: What message do you want to give the students and what are your views about the e- newsletter, the Literary Society initiative?

Sir: First of all, I am glad to know that such an initiative is taken up by the Literary Society. And I sincerely hope for the success of the same. Students should regularly visit the page and promote this endeavor.

I want the students to grow & reach great heights, but with a positive attitude. Throughout one’s life, it is the attitude of the person that matters; knowledge only fetches us a job.

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