In talks with Dr. Debasis Mishra

“Always have a will to conquer all your fears”

Dr. Debasis Mishra
Dr. Debasis Mishra

This man is a garden of patience. He appears as someone who will remain unagitated in the midst of even the greatest turbulences. The calmness and tranquility of his character is perhaps the most striking thing about this man. I’m talking about the H.O.D. of Electronics and Telecommunications Department, Dr. Debasis Mishra. We were lucky enough to catch him amdist his busy schedule and had a little interaction with him:

Team VISSION : Why did you chose Electronics and communications engineering as your career?

Today is the age of communications and networking.  Telecommunications engineers build the various technologies that allow people to communicate over distances. This stream of engineering is quite a challenging field and hence I joined it as I love entertaining challenges.

Team VISSION : You are now a top faculty at VSSUT. What strategies did you adopt to become successful?

I believe that sincerity towards work and ability to work with others has worked great dividends for me.

Team VISSION : After becoming the H.O.D. of the E.T.C. Department, what changes have you brought to your department?

New PG courses RF & mmW engineering has been introduced. New technology lab for VLSSI has been set up. The deptt. has been working smoothly and all the faculties are very supportive and hardworking.

Team VISSION : How was your childhood like?

It was smooth, without any glitches.

Team VISSION : How is the education system in which you studied in and the education system of today different?

Earlier it was theoretical. But now education system is more practical oriented which is more effective and good; given the present scenario.

Team VISSION : Describe your teaching style.

I prepare earlier before giving lecture to any class. I obtain various materials and study related stuff from various sources such as reference books, internet and give the students a wide approach to study. I always prefer and support interaction between the teacher and students.

Team VISSION : What is the best thing about your profession?

Motivating students and guiding them that is instrumental in defining their careers is my ultimate satisfaction. There is nothing better than that. It also gives you paramount happiness guiding the younger faculty members towards research.

Team VISSION : Do you like your present work environment?

Yes; it is a very conducive environment and it has high output rate.

Team VISSION : How has been your experience in VSSUT so far?

It has been great. I’ve learnt a great deal all through my time here. I’ve learnt a lot from my senior faculty members. They were very inspirational. The students here are also very talented and cooperative.

Team VISSION : Do you have any future goals for the E.T.C. Department?

I plan to improve the infrastructure and development of state-of-the-art labs . Addition of new P.G. courses is also in reckoning.

Team VISSION : Any inspirational words for your students?

Be sincere and punctual in your work. Work hard like there’s no tomorrow. And always have a will to conquer all your fears.

Team VISSION : What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?

Apart from listening music, I read newspapers and magazines in my free time.

Team VISSION : What other career would you have chosen, if not E.T.C.?

A research scientist for sure.

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