Dr. E. Saibaba Reddy

Dr. E Saibaba Reddy

Team VISSION: Why did u choose VSSUT ?

VC : Coming to why is chose vssut, I was there in JNTU for the last 30 years and arose from a lecturer position to the vc of the university of hyderabad which is considered as the largest technological institute in the country which has as many as 700 attending engineering colleges. One of my friend suggested, that a new technological university has emerged that made me look at your website, now our website. I found out that the teacher here have high qualifications and experience. And also seeing that the students’ disciplinary components are good and presence of real infrastructure with the university itself fascinated me. As a civil engineer I also got inclined due to the presence of the hirakud dam. During the inquiry committee meeting I was asked that Hyderabad was a well-connected place. So why did I take interest in an ill-connected place like burla. My answer was even places like roorkie and pilani are remotely situated yet stand high due to academic proficiency and I really mean it.

Team VISSION: Do u think that the infrastructure here is sufficient?

VC : The infrastructure here is short by 40% of area under the AICTE norms. There are plans to expand the academic building. Coming to faculty, they are reasonably good . Labs need to be improved in terms of space,  equipment and teaching methods. Even the mindset of the people here needs to be changed.

Team VISSION: What new changes do you plan to bring in the academic curriculum?

VC:  Immediately in the meeting of the academic senates, the two changes have been talked about-

Firstly ,there is a lack of laboratory exam on a practical basis without which one cannot be confidently called as a technocrat. So we are officially introducing the lab exams. But any regulations that are introduced into the academic formulae  will be applied from the very first day of your joining, that’s the freshers coming in. The lab exams will constitute major part in the final percentage. I want that every policy for the university should be uniform. All departments are compelled to be the best.

Secondly ,attendance; falling short of it in any single subject enforces the student to be detained from the examination. In a technological education, attendance requirement is main. To be a capable technocrat, u should have minimum class training failing which you will be unworthy of getting degree in a specific subject. From recent decisions, hereafter strict record of attendance for both students and teachers is to be maintained and the teachers are required to keep count of each and every class and in case the attendance falls below a fixed limit, the student must be debarred from appearing the consecutive examination for all subjects.

And a few more policies are yet to be implemented in near future.

TEAM VISSION: Any other advancement in the general conditions would you like to make?

VC :  Yes, the equipment’s in the laboratories have become disfunctioning as they as outdated. 10-20 % of equipments were introduced only after my commencement.

More advanced German and England based equipments are yet to b purchased and the laboratories…no rather call it as extended store-houses are to be modified into advanced version according to latest needs and priorirties. More land area has been invested in for the building up of functional labs, classrooms and academic block. Improvement are needed in the hostels especially the kitchens and sanitary conditions. Water tanks and borewells are to be set up.

Team VISSION: What do you believe are the basic requirements for being a good teacher?

VC : Basic qualification required for a good teacher is higher studies. I didn’t qualify for the sake of being the VC but to be a good teacher. A teacher must be highly qualified to deliver good material to the students. That is the first criteria.

I : Are there any plannings for renovation of boys hostel after recent improvements of girls hostel?

VC: Yes there are plans for betterment and extension of boys hostel and arrangements for the boarders residing outside the hostel campus out of own expenses (self-sustained). First priority will be towards mending up the lavatories and improving the water facility in the University campus.

I : Sir, as a B.Tech student we have been hullabalooed that m.tech studies are tough and that getting into m.tech n pHd through GATE is very difficult. So, what part of b.tech should one emphasise on?

VC:  As you know my qualifications that I have b.Tech, m.Tech, m.ES from Roorkee, PhD from Nottingham, two post docs from Canada and Kerala. In my opinion all I have in my head is just b. tech , all other things are just cosmetics. If u Miss the concepts in your b.tech you will lend in trouble during higher studies. Without base knowledge you cant incorporate it in practical during m.tech

I : Even you are a professional, how did you choose teaching profession?

VC:  I don’t believe in social service in technology. My favourite teacher was a gold medalist and taught us as many as 9 subjects with excellency in each of the topics. His proficiency and knowledge always motivated me very much. Apart from that I am very enthusiastic so never missed a single class under any circumstances during my student life. Here I realized that inside the class its you who is gained or not. Its either 1 or 0 . the teacher just gives …never takes anything from your knowledge. This gave me a flick that eventually led me to this profession after my master’s degree when I first joined as academic assistant . and I really enjoy being an academician as I can make good policies for good people around me. That’s my motto.

Team VISSION: What message would you like to convey to your students through ViSSion?

VC: I am happy that the students have a lot of tolerance level. Another point is curiosity which has to come in.  Students ought to know about what and why they are studying. Experiments and practical’s must be understood rather than being practiced lavishly. It’s among my principles that a teacher is not eligible to stand on desk and teach unless he has extra knowledge on the subject apart from printed theory.

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