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58 Years of Excellence… Countless accolades, innumerable notable alumni, an enviable academic record, and last, the state’s first engineering college as well as the state’s first Unitary University. Not many technical institutions can boast of a track record as impeccable as ours. But then, just as we gloat in pride, one look at our University’s present condition begins to stir our minds a little; Is this really the history of VSSUT, Burla? Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology has certainly proved its mettle in every domain since its inception six decades back. But are we really living up to its legends? We will bring you the ground reality.


There is so much in this university stuck in the “Beta Phase” or dubbed “Under Construction” for an unreasonable time. Let us start off with logical and cardinal demands like that of a serviceable washroom in every floor of the academic building. The present-day conditions of the washrooms are repulsive and sickening. There is no provision for running water and the urinals are nauseating. More so, the most affected are the students of the fairer sex. The washrooms are so filthy and ill maintained that it can expose students to potential infections. Most of them are not well lit and visiting them in hours of dusk can be frightening.


“24 of 27 Chief Engineers from the State are alumni of the erstwhile UCE, Burla” … Every one of our fests’ inaugural speech always has this line. . If we have such notable alumni, we can obviously make sure that the plea for proper washrooms doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Of course, the development on the second floor is quite remarkable, but shouldn’t the washrooms on the ground floor and first floor also be renovated? In keeping with the Prime Minister’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Surely a University with a 58 year history as one of the State’s premier institutions can set a precedent by constructing separate washrooms with special emphasis on girl’s washrooms. Though the major steps can be taken by the higher authorities, yet, students can contribute in ensuring their proper maintenance by forming student committees to encourage students to maintain hygiene, conserve water, prevent spreading of bacteria beyond controllable points and installation of basic and certain customized features in washrooms.


For an Institution surrounded by the largest river in the state, the one problem that no one expects is the lack of drinking water. Surprisingly, however, the primary problem that plagues us is access to drinking water. Our College doesn’t have a proper drinking water facility. Either a student brings his/her own water bottle or walks all the way to Workshop or Electrical lab and even the quality of water available there is not palatable. So, it becomes pretty inconvenient and tiresome in the part of the students as they have to attend at least 5 hours of classes and labs in a day.


This, of course is a small hitch which can easily be fixed by installing water filters on every floor. Therefore, water coolers and aqua guards should be installed on each floor at a reachable distance which will enable students to quench their thirst without undergoing the torture of walking miles before they find one.


Talking of academics, library is an indispensable part of our everyday studies. It has been rightly said “A library is a repository of medicine for the mind”. If we happen to find ourselves searching for a book in our Central Library, we might get lost in a maze since all the books are haphazardly arranged and not properly categorized. There is no defined designation or classification of books and the only way they are labeled is by their shelves. Some books are old and withered with their pages torn or missing. Some books have lost their issuing cards, and thus are not eligible for issuing.


Our central library needs to be organized and upgraded. There can be a systematic arrangement where the books can be categorized according to branches or specific subjects. The library can also be divided into separate departments including new sections like Fictions and General Knowledge. This will provide a better and efficient management of books and encourage students to read to enhance knowledge beyond branch books. The old books should be replaced by new ones. Apart from the basics, there is a dire need of a large reading space to accommodate larger number of students inside the library. Digitization is an advanced and more convenient option which would include online database management using QR codes and a digital section consisting of CDs and e-lecture notes.


“As we pass the Power Channel Bridge and enter the welcoming lane of NAC, Burla, a little down the road, the first thing that strikes us is the humongous and strikingly magnificent gate pronouncing the name” VEER SURENDRA SAI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, BURLA “proudly. However, equally striking is the half constructed, but still so, princely structure on the banks of the Mahanadi. When it gets completed, we wonder, it would surely add to the grandeur and excellence of the institution.”

This must surely have been the thoughts of many a student who first set as on the “proposed” E- Learning Centre. The E- Learning Centre’s foundation had been lain in 2009, and had been partly funded by the Alumni Association. Almost 6 years have passed, the E-Learning Centre still remains but a half constructed monument. This is the testimony to the 6 years of stagnation that our University has undergone.

Every major technical university has a Centre for Student Activities (SAC). The Student Activity Center or E-learning Centre would be equipped with high speed internet and state of the art infrastructure which would serve as a center of student affairs, hold conferences and as a center for incubation and innovation. . Our college has so many important clubs and this Centre would provide them space and liberty to showcase their creativity and put their innovative minds into action.

With the present expansion of the E-Learning Centre, we hope that its completion doesn’t remain a distant dream.


This is the internet generation and an updated official website is paramount for the growth of any University. Before admitting him/herself into any institution, a teacher/student always checks out the official website to get an insight of the campus life. Our University is obviously no exception. We cannot expect students to admit themselves just because of the reputation of our Institute. They may prefer the CET, Bhubaneswar, because of its location, or NIT, Rourkela, because of its national recognition, over us. The image that our University provides of itself to the cyber world is obviously going to be of utmost significance in our growth and development. However, the condition of the official website of the University doesn’t present a merry picture. Almost half of the subsections are under construction. The site has already been hacked twice, which means it is not well protected. Results are never published on the website, and instead, students have to access third party websites to know their Semester performances.


As a technical University, and one of the best in business, we are expected to maintain the highest standards in our technological endeavors, our official website being the first of them. An updated official website has the potential to equip students with essential information, if maintained regularly. Important notices, results and other university related activities should be posted on the site immediately to facilitate an efficient and hassle free conveyance of information to a larger sum of students. The students themselves maybe handed over the reins to manage to website and upload recent news.


Student Council

Every institution has its own legacy, its own accolades, and its own problems. VSSUT is no different in that aspect. VSSUTians, as we like to call ourselves, are the last piece of the puzzle. No development would, of course, be possible, without the active participation of the students. As they say, we are but the creators of our own fates. Along with the active cooperation of the faculty, we can strive to evolve our University from one of the best in the state to one of the best in the country.

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  1. Its a very good initiative but I suggest, why don’t we have a alumini tab with all others and a alumini-students discussion forums. A great exposure to the globe through the experience of ex-uceians.

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