QUIZZANIA : NIT Teams Rule The Roost


“Knowledge is a weapon

Arm yourself well before going to battle”

– George R.R. Martin

The just concluded mega quiz event of Samavesh 2015 : Quizzania threw up questions which left many quizzers gasping for breath. Intricately twisted and beautifully constructed, the questions were a brainchild of the quizmaster of the day – Mr Saptarshi Purohit.

Literature and History were the dominant categories on show in the questionnaire. A tinge of sports and psychology were evident. Overall the quiz was a big challenge even to well established quizzers let alone amateurs. The prelims consisted of 20 questions influenced by the civil service aspirations of the quiz master. A complete mixed bag it was. The prelims presented us with six stage finalist teams. 4 out the 6 were teams from VSSUT, Burla

At the end two teams from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela ran out comfortable winners

The winners list is as follows:

Wasim Sajjad, Debasish Pradhan and Nishant Nihar — (Champions)

Chinmaya Dehury, Debarghya Chakrabarty and Prathamesh Dash — (Runners-up)


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