VIDYOUTH : Movie Buffs Treated To Heart’s Content


Last years most filmy festival came VIDYOUTH 2K14 came with a bag-full of blockbusters and lots of entertainment. The most awaited fest for movie lovers had special attraction in the form of “Jivan Panda” the best comedian awardee at 22nd film state film awards 2011; as the opening guest of the fest.

Apart from the high profiles the fest was ornamented by astounding decorations throughout the campus. The filmy party started with “MO DUNIYA TU HI TU” , ”LEKHU LEKHU LEKHIDELIi” with main course of “Transformers age of extinction”. The desert was even more better in terms o dancing on the musical beats of the movie “KICK”. The perfect blend of the best from ollywood, bollywood and Hollywood. which pulled every students towards AVC. The electrifying energy at the entry of the hero and the death screeching silence during an emotional scene was a definite seal to the success of the fest.

The last show could not let anyone sit rather to dance at every beat of “jumme ki raat” and “hangover” ; The final years especially. The fest was concluded with a promising stuff of returning back with a bigger plan and to be a huge success and photon of enthusiasm once again.

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