The Perpetual Influx of Energy


The never-ending source of energy enthusiasm and happiness comes from Vibranz. With sincere dedication and commendable efforts the members have made sure they draw a smile on everyone’s face in every other event of the university and elsewhere.

  • ICCIDM witnessed participation from our talented dancers. The graceful Kuchipudi was presented by Miss Rajitha. Miss Subhashree Damini performed the Odissi dance with pride and honour . Kathak was beautifully performed by Miss Devyani Choudhury. With an amalgamation of grace and pride the sambalpuri  dance was performed by a group comprising of Sheetal Patro, Rupanjali Bara, Zenitha Das, Priyanka Munda. Besides, A freestyle number was also performed by Manoj Hayal, Gajendra Majhi, Sarad Kumar, Pritam Sona and Sukesh Kumar.
  • The lively Samavesh got some more life by the cultural performances comprising of Kuchipudi performance by Miss Rajitha classical by Miss Devyani and info western by Miss Damini.

The sambalpuri group comprising of Miss Sheetal, Miss Priyanka, Miss Prerna and Miss Rupanjali presented an enthralling performance.

Then came the DARE DEVILS with a power packed performance and compelled the crowd to cheer  in unison with the awesome performance. Master Dinesh was awarded a special prize of RS-500/- by Sharmila Madam the V.P of MUSIC and DANCE club.

  • Vibranz never ceases to surprise us. The talented dancers plan to dominate VASSAUNT as well. Vibranz has interestingly divided all the members into 5 groups namely Classical Fusion Hip hop Freestyle Bollywood Contemporary(thematic) and Western folk fusion .

Thus with this news  its time for all our expectations to soar.

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