Techtronix 2015 : A Grand Success

February  truly had a grand opening as  Techtronix 2k15, the annual branch fest of Electronics and Telecommunication society was made to  coincide with  the beginning of the month. After  being absent for 2k14, the fest rejuvenated  on 31st  Jan and 1st Feb 2k15, as amalgamation of various  Fun filled and technical events.

Day 1 was marked by educational and branch related events.  “ELECTRONICA” ,the technical quiz, marked the inauguration . The participant’s skills and depth of knowledge in Electronics were put to test ,by a rigorously prepared , time limited, set of questions. The finals further consisted of an audio-visual round scheduled to be held at end of day.  Sameer Sahu and Anurag Dash, of pre-final year , were able to prove their mantle by bagging the 1st position.

This was followed by “circuito” an event designed to gauge the extent to which the participants are able to apply their knowledge in practical fields. The participants were required to design and simulate  given circuits by programming them using MATLAB, VERILOG, VHDL.

The final event for the day was  ‘Find d Bug’.  The problem statement involved identifying and  rectifying mistakes in a given circuit. The first position was bagged by Mirza Afsar Beig and Anurag Behera.

Day 2 hoisted the formal  inauguration and the main events. An exemplary guest lecture was delivered by  Honorable  Mr. Aneemesh  Mohanty, product manager, perfect VIP, about exciting prospectus and opportunity  awaiting electronics engineers. His lecture was followed by speeches  from  Esteemed Vice- Chancellor, Respected HOD and other important personas  of the branch. The proceedings of the day was dominated by “PAPYRUS”. Presentation topics were based on implementation of the technologies in Education, Health, Research, Development and Public Service Sectors etc. The first prize in papyrus was bagged by Swagatika from final year. The lunch break, which comprised a grand buffet, was followed by the concluding event “Automation” ,consisting of automatic  line following robotics competition marked an  end to the two days of  extravaganza.

The event marked two days of fun, frolic adventures . The management skills as well as enthusiasm of students in all round activities were well displayed. The final dance session that was held post the closing ceremony will be a fond memory for each and everyone.  Everyone who holds an  inference that enjoyment and technicality can’t go hand in hand must have  been present at TECHTONIX 2k15, to be proved wrong.

KUDOS to The Secretary, Tilak Maharana and entire Team of techtronix…………

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