Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy


Samavesh or the Devnagari meaning of “Confluence of ignited minds” is the annual techno-management fest of Veer Surendra Sai University of technology, Burla. Ever since its inception in 2014 Samavesh lived upto its name of being the largest technical gathering in the state. This year was not an exception either as Samavesh saw a huge gathering of technocrats, business moguls, industry experts, scientist and students who expressed keen interest in technology.

This year’s edition of Samavesh conducted various events that inspired & challenged the best brains of the state. Fun,competativeness,innovative ideas, strategy makings, enjoyment-everything was right there.Morever,imagination is always given more emphasis than engineering which made the occasion a memorable one.

The Mega-events of Samavesh 2K15 which drew the maximum attention were VSSUT MUN, Warz-o-Botz and Quizzine. MUN (Model United Nation) is an educational stimulation and academic competition where students explored about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. The participants in MUN conferences, referred as delegates, represented their assigned countries and debated about the socio-economic and cultural issues of the country. Their critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities were indeed notable. Apart from this the plus point this event held was basically the communication with students belonging from other states which boosted the confidence level of everyone providing an amicable platform.

VSSUT Robotics society emulated the zest in Fest. The major robotics events consisted Warz-o-Botz, Devil’s Valley & Robo-soccers. In former event Robots fitted with various weapons, hardware, custom icons & sounds were loaded on battle field to wage war against each other. In Devil’s valley several teams build a manual bot capable of traversing an entire track consisting of different topographies, fire, and water. Robosoccers were Bots pushing balls into goals of a model sac field.

Samavesh 2K15 also provided a huge platform for students of Civil Engineering and Architecture branch who had unexplainable passion of Structural Engineering. In this event designing and building bridges and other structures were made out of the raw materials provided.

Nerd-o-Mania was drawing the “Maniacs” obsession for knowledge. A record of 161 students from all age groups participated & winners were rewarded with cash prize of 32000INR.

Furthermore the fun games like counter strikes, need for speed (NFS), FIFA were also the centre of attraction for the sports loving pupils. Similarly “treasure hunt”, “Seventh stone”etc. were interesting games,played with great enthusiasm and competitiveness.

Samavesh 2k15 also dealt with some management events like “Dare to sell”, “What an idea sirji”, “Bizz-quiz” etc.

The guests of honour were Varun Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal. The former guest is an Indian first generation entrepreneur, film maker and author as well. He founded his business venture “Last Minute Films”(LMF) an Indie film production company. On the other hand,Harsh Agarwal is a professional blogger and the youngest entrepreneur whose dream is to promote blogging as full time profession in India. His motivational speech held the audience till the last minute.

Eventually, the closing ceremony of Samavesh 2K15 was rocked by ‘Shraap’-a thrash metal band from Kolkata. VSSUT campus was rejoiced by the dashing performance of the band group. The vocalist, singer and guitarist were phenomenal. As a matter of fact, ’Shraap’ gave a remarkable finishing touch to Samavesh 2k15.

“VISION 2050” the central theme of this year’s fest is testimony to the fact that future weapons to be built will look to environmental friendly approach. To beat nature at its own game to replicate its wonder was the very thought of this year’s fest and would prove exhilarating yet challenging for our next generation.

“NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY”…”HARDWORK IS WHAT WE HAVE TO PAY FOR A MEANINGFUL SUCCESS”…the phrase stands perfectly bestowed upon Chandi Prasad Sarangi, the secretary of Samavesh 2K15.  His immense hard-work, labor, and dedication for the past two to three months has made the event of three days a memory for years.

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