IITG : Project on Design and Development of a novel seed transplanter

deepika singhania

INTERVIEWEE : Deepika Singhania

TEAM VISSION : How was your experience? Did you get enough or sufficient time apart from your work schedule during the training?

Ans : It was an enthralling experience. Project like these are extremely knowledgeable. Yes. I did get enough time to explore the IIT campus as well as the city.

TEAM VISSION : How did you get to know about this training procedure?

Ans I got to know about this from my friends. I, then, filled an internship form from the IIT Guwahati website and mailed it to the professor I wanted to work under and had to wait till I received a suitable response.

TEAM VISSION : Was there any funding for this?

Ans No. I was funded by my professor to attend an International conference “ICTACEM” at IIT Kharagpur.

TEAM VISSION : By how much ease a normal undergrad student can get this internship cum training in general?

Ans It is easy. All we need to do is just stay updated and apply in the proper time.

TEAM VISSION : When can one apply for this and what are the eligibility criteria?

Ans One can apply for this either after completion of first year or after second year. Eligibility criteria is our semester grades (CGPA). It requires interest and knowledge in the field you want to do the project

TEAM VISSION : A visit to any place is incomplete without a visit to its famous sightseeing places. Any experience of yours you would like to share?

Ans  There was nothing much I could visit apart from the campus because the off campus life is quite unsafe. Yet we had been to Shillong and Cherapunji.

TEAM VISSION : What are your advices or suggestions to your juniors for this type of internship cum training programs?

Ans One needs to apply for an internship in the proper time. Make your CV as strong as possible. And, apply for an internship in the subject you are interested in or have sufficient knowledge upon.

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