A Sports Extravaganza To Remember


“When the great scorer comes,
To write against your name,
He writes not that you own or lost
But how you played the game”
-Rudyard Kipling

With this slogan the most awaited sports fest of VSSUT – Illuumina 2K15 was set forth on 8th November 2014. This two day mega fest comprising of various athletic events began with the holy ceremony of lighting the torch of Burla temple, followed temple oath and opening ceremony.

President : Dr. B.k Nanda, Vice President : Dr S.Sengupta and Faculty Advisors Dr S.K.Pradhan, Dr R.L.Sahu and Dr S.Mishra enlightened the grand event with their esteemed presence.

Initially the day was divided into 2 sessions, witnessed some spectacular sports events- morning session incorporated athletic event like – 1500m run final (boys), Broad jump(girls), Shotput (100m sprint heat girls) where as in the afternoon session there were several team events like 4X400m relay final(boys).

Fun events: included slow cycle race and khana khajana. The incandescent crowds participation was remarkably huge, including few sluggard students joining the events with their friends.

The next day was irrefutably spectacular. Discuss throw, Hammer throw, Javelin throw, high jump and 3 legged race were among the gleeful cinch games that caught the inevitable attention of spectators. Yoga competition marked the end to the stalwart and strenuous ordeals, by creating a calm and tranquil th, strangely sangfroid.
Apart from the above mentioned events, the core sports of the fest included mega events i.e. team contact sports “kabaddi” , decisive contest “kho kho” and last but not the least, the herculean game “tug of war” initiated a belligerent .

A student or a sportsperson of the university awaits to this trophy which becomes a memory of life time. “The Champions trophy” which every sportsperson be a boy or girl waits to hold. This year the prestigious trophy was bagged by Upasana Samanta of pre final year and Purna Chandra Majhi of final year.

As the above mentioned lines, the closing ceremony was held in the moth hours, where along with prize distribution, every participants were appreciated. Basically, this event left a strong vivid impression of VSSUTians mind and soul.

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